Apart from all the other things going on, Bodenseehof students are invited to help out with our extensive outreach schedule. This is a great way to put into practice the things that are studied in the lecture hall! There are many opportunities to help out: either by forming sing or drama teams, working with children and youth or with adults, doing outreach locally or away from Bodenseehof, and through many different outlets, both spiritually and practically.

Open Evenings & Concerts

Two times each semester, the whole student body joins together in preparation for The Crossing. This in-house service is geared to encourage those that live in the area through all kinds of music, personal testimonies, and biblical teaching. It is also a great opportunity for many who don’t know Christ personally to be exposed to His Word and be encouraged by the fellowship and community at Bodenseehof.

The school body also puts together two concerts every year. Advent International (our yearly Christmas concert) and Spring Praise is when many of our neighbors and friends come and are not only encouraged by the music performed by the students but also hear the good news about Christ!

Weekend Outreaches

Throughout the Bible school year we are invited to various churches in Southern Germany where sing and drama teams perform at evangelistic youth services, run children programs, help out with the program for the konfirmation kids, and are invited to speak and share in religion and English classes in local schools. The opportunity to stay with German host families, get to know members of the church, and experience Christ use them in ways maybe not seen before are some of the many advantages to going out on weekend outreaches.

Local Outreach

Bodenseehof also has built up a number of local outreaches which students are invited to help out with. Some of these in the past have included running a weekly children’s programs for socio-economically challenged kids, helping out with ‘kinderbrunch’ (a monthly children’s program for neighborhood kids), offering sports at a local after school program, teaching and tutoring english in local schools, visiting local youth groups, and performing at various Sunday morning church services.

Other Outreaches

Throughout the year, many other outreach possibilities arise - either in our community or elsewhere. As these opportunities surface, we love taking those interested to come along and help out. We've had the joy of doing a lot of different things...
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