Bodenseehof Bible School is an 24 week intensive seminar on Christian discipleship and outreach from mid-September to mid-March. The Bible school program is held entirely in the English language.

Our mission is to proclaim the transforming presence of Jesus Christ through biblical teaching and practical training, equipping men and women for service in His Church worldwide.

Why would someone come to Bible school?

Our purpose is to encourage and assist you:

To come to know the risen, indwelling Lord Jesus Christ more deeply and personally,
To develop the personal disciplines of studying, understanding, and communicating the message of God's written word, the Bible,
To discover and prove in everyday experience the reality of the Christian life as Christ Himself is allowed to work in and through your life, and
To be a more effective member of your local church, equipped for full-time Christian service, regardless of your occupation.


Bodenseehof offers a schedule which includes 22 classes each week. Subjects are studied in-depth for one or two weeks. The studies are Christ-centered, systematic, and thorough, covering many of the books of the Bible subjects related to practical Christian living.

Personal study, parallel reading, and regular exams are also a significant part of the program and complement the material presented in lectures.


Bodenseehof's outreach ministry is one of our unique offerings. Students are encouraged to form sing teams, drama teams, or join other music groups for the varied outreach opportunities throughout Germany. These opportunities include ministry in public schools, churches, and youth groups. Students are also invited to participate in Sunday worship services, open evenings, and concerts held at Bodenseehof.


Bodenseehof's international student body offers a unique opportunity to fellowship with believers in Christ from around the world. Home groups meet together regularly for prayer, Bible study, discussion, encouragement, and a lot of fun.


Tests, projects, and assignments are given on many of the subjects during the course, and a Bible School Certificate is awarded to students fulfilling course requirements. Transfer of credits is possible for some colleges in Europe, the United States, and Canada at their own discretion.


Several sightseeing trips and a hike in the Alps are offered at no charge in the early weeks of school. On travel weekends and over Christmas break, students are free to travel around Europe on their own or take part in trips which are offered by the school (trip to the Alps, ski week, etc.)

First class skiing, hiking, and climbing in Switzerland and Austria are within 90 minutes travel by public transportation.

Bodenseehof has it's own sauna, games room, and beach volleyball court. A high ropes course, climbing wall and biking trails are also located near the school.

Students are free to use the center's kayaks, canoes, and bikes during their free time at no charge.


No specific academic qualifications are required for admission, but students must be 18 years of age at the beginning of the course. Acceptance is based on the student's application and references. All lectures are held in English; therefore students must be proficient in reading, writing and understanding English.

If you have any questions or need more information, please contact our registrar via email ( ).
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